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Especially for residential areas, vinyl fencing has been a common option mainly because of its affordable and durable qualities. Comparable to the traditional wood fencing, vinyl fences require much less maintenance. It does not rot, crack, splinter, rust, chip or peel the same way wooded materials do. It does not even need chemical treatment to prevent weathering, as well as painting or sanding to look its best; all it needs is a good spray of a water and dish soap mixture, and it will look as good as new.

The Vinyl Fence is made of plastic-based material from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is nonporous making it easily washable in cases of algae, mold, or mildew (common occurrences when vinyl fences are installed in areas that usually get damp). Design-wise, vinyl fences are highly customizable. Clients can request for privacy fencing, picket styled fencing or ornamental fencing. Privacy fencing is usually designed to be tall in height with slats installed close together to block sight lines. Picket styled ones are installed with slats spaced out and usually come with added accents. Lastly, ornamental vinyl fencing serves a more decorative purpose. Commonly, clients opt for the 4 to 6-foot range for the fencing dimension, but taller or shorter options are also available. As far as customizability goes, vinyl fencing offers a wide variety of design options that include neutral colors (white, tan, gray), bold colors (red, blue, green) and textured finishes (natural wood).

On average, pricing is around $3600. But this will vary greatly according to the project specifications.

Fence Company Jackson offers comprehensive services that includes, planning, actual installation and even maintenance services for your fence. All the while, keeping its costing reasonable and one of the best priced in the market today. Servicing Jackson, Mississippi and all its surrounding areas, connect with the best of Jackson’s fence experts. Talk to our professional team today and get your free quote! Reach us by dialing 601-476-1207.

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