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A lot of pet owners find it difficult to leave their pets inside their homes during the day, when everyone is out for school or work. This concern led to the alternative of leaving pets outside until the owners are home at night. Kennels are of great use in these situations. Kennels are fenced enclosures meant to contain pets safely in one area. Owners opt for kennels primarily to put their pets outside for fresh air or exercise while preventing them from relieving themselves everywhere. These kennels may also come with a pet house when desired.

These kennels are commonly made of a chain link type of fence framed by steel tubing, all of which are galvanized to prevent corrosion. This material and build are mostly beneficial because of the open sightline it provides to pet owners who may need to check on their pets every now and then. These kennels may be installed permanently or temporarily depending on the customer’s request. Wall height is customized according to the pet’s size, in order to prevent jumpers and climbers from escaping the kennel. Wall height is also critical in making sure to that unwanted animals are prevented from climbing inside the kennel. Permanent kennels are built with roofing and flooring. Temporary kennels on the other hand, usually lack roofing and flooring and comes in either six or eight panels and are easily foldable. They are also known as portable pens or exercise pens and are mainly used for travels with pets.

Costing is on average around $1,743 to $7,747. Different factors are expected to affect pricing including materials, specifications, location and installation.

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