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Historically, metal fences were seen as a sign of wealth and status. This was because back in the colonial times, only the wealthiest could afford ironwork. Today, metal materials are very common when it comes to fence installations. When it comes to metal fence installation there is predominantly two material choices available: steel and aluminum. To the common eye, there may be little differences to the two materials especially in terms of how they look, but actually each material is unique when it comes to their pros and cons.

Steel material is the common pick on most situations where security and strength are the requirement. This is because when it comes to strength and security it outweighs that of the aluminum. This material has a few varieties including steel picket, colourbond and tubular, each with their own advantages over the others. While steel is the popular option, it has one weakness against the aluminum material – rusting. Despite the fact that steel materials are galvanized, they still do rust compared to the aluminum material that is rust resistant.

The aluminum material is almost four times lighter in weight and is also more affordable. All this while mimicking the look and feel of the more expensive steel option. This cheaper alternative is also recyclable and would be the best option for environmentally conscious clients.

Pricing is obviously higher with steel fences compared to aluminum fences. This is on top of future needs for maintenance and the like.

Fence Company Jackson offers comprehensive services that includes, planning, actual installation and even maintenance services for your fence. All the while, keeping its costing reasonable and one of the best priced in the market today. Servicing Jackson, Mississippi and all its surrounding areas, connect with the best of Jackson’s fence experts. Talk to our professional team today and get your free quote! Reach us by dialing 601-476-1207.

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