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Generally, guard rails are installed to avoid access to dangerous sites or off limit areas. Compared to a typical fence, a guard rail provides more visibility and is not meant to be used for privacy the same way usual fences are. There are two settings where guard rails are often used: architectural and environmental. For the architectural setting, guard rails are commonly found in commercial and residential buildings because it is required by building codes in numerous circumstances. Environmental guard rails on the other hand, are found on hiking trails and scenic overlooks, especially when the adjacent terrain is very steep and may cause falling accidents. It is also very common to find guard rails on roadsides to deter vehicular accidents.

Guard rails make use of a variety of materials—wood posts, steel posts and three-strand cables. Each of these provide different protection levels. Wood posts provide the least stopping power, but is relatively cheaper than steel. Steel posts are the most durable among these materials and is commonly used on guard rails around commercial building areas as well as roadsides. Three-strand cables have the least strength when it comes to stopping power and is considered the most basic type of guard rail.

On average, the installation cost of a 10-foot-long guard rails is somewhere in between $900 to $1500; however, this rough estimate is not inclusive of material choice, location, and project specifics. Pricing will greatly vary according to the project specification.

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