A dock is a structure extending alongshore or built above water and to which boats are moored. It is also much used as a port in the transfer of goods to and from the boat. Strength and durability are very vital in dock structures because of the nature of its function and use. Also, the location where docks are built are usually in sunny and damp areas and are commonly exposed to weather changes. This weather exposure makes docks, structures that are easily aged and destroyed. With this, it is important to use quality materials for docks to ensure its long usage. This is on top of regular maintenance as well.

Fence Company Jackson offers a wide range of dock parts to ensure that it meets numerous of its clients’ needs all in one place. Here are the different dock parts available with us:

  • Boat docks.
  • Dock floats.
  • Dock hardware such as bracket, kit, permafloat, tommydocks, hinges etc.
  • Dock ladders.
  • Boat hardware.
  • Multunautic floating dock kit.
  • Dock fenders and bumpers.

Aside from these dock parts, we also include maintenance and repair in our service offerings to ensure the longevity and safety of the structure. Doing the maintenance work on our own installations ensures a very specific servicing because we know our product best. It is also important to keep in mind that we work to meet the dock/pier criteria, so this must not be a concern to our clients.

Fence Company Jackson offers comprehensive services that includes, planning, actual installation and even maintenance services for your fence. All the while, keeping its costing reasonable and one of the best priced in the market today. Servicing Jackson, Mississippi and all its surrounding areas, connect with the best of Jackson’s fence experts. Talk to our professional team today and get your free quote! Reach us by dialing 601-476-1207.

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