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Dumpsters are large trash receptacles that are stored within dumpster enclosures. These enclosures serve the main purpose of hiding trash away from sight. They are also used to keep wildlife and other passers-by away from your trash. While this purpose seems pretty straightforward, many opt to go for more creative and aesthetically pleasing options in order to nail functionality and aesthetic appearance both at the same time. This is especially true for home and business owners who want to keep the visual aspect of their area. Business owners especially take great attention in their dumpster area especially because it may affect their branding and cleanliness reputation.

In order to plan the design of the dumpster enclosure well, it is important to have the area measured. The dumpster layout can be single, double, walk-in or multiple. The common dimensions of a double dumpster layout are 8 ft. height, 14 ft. length, 19 ft width/depth, 15 ft. gate opening, more than 90 degrees gate swing, 20 ft. overhead clearance, and 60 ft. truck approach length. Some areas have different enclosure dimension requirements, so it would be best to check with the local building department first. The dumpster fence material choices include wood, vinyl, chain link, metal and concrete. Wood is considerably the most inexpensive material of all these options, vinyl is the material that requires the least amount of maintenance and concrete is the most durable and long-lasting one. As mentioned, it is important to check with the local building department as some areas have a required material for the enclosure’s fence.

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