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Gate operators are devices that allow for the automation of a security gate. It is also known as gate openers. This device is extremely useful in cases where the property requires heavy security that should prevent entrance of trespassers or unknown individuals. Generally, it is used to regulate and track movement within a property. This is considered an added layer of protection and security since these devices typically include a strong lock mechanism that does not allow for forced entry unless a key or passcode is inputted.

These gate operators come in numerous varieties—slide gate operators, swing gate operators, barrier arm gate operators, vertical lift gate operators, and vertical pivot gate operators. The main difference of these gate operators (other than material and build) is how the gate is built to open. Their item names are pretty descriptive in term of this. Choosing what type of gate opener to install is largely dependent on the location, especially on how much space is available. For example, some areas have limited space for swing gates, so in this case, parallel opening gates work best. Gate operators can also be customizable to include solar power battery source or a battery backup mechanism. Some clients also opt for different access control systems and additional accessories like alarm systems and other safety devices.

Pricing will greatly vary depending on type and added customizations or accessories.

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