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Wood fencing is the best at maximizing privacy since it is built high and compressed, blocking sightlines in this manner. When wood fencing is the option chosen, the western red cedar is usually the material of choice. Aside from its obvious durability, cedar wood is also very helpful when it comes to temperature control. It holds natural air pockets that act as insulation, allowing for cooler summers and warmer winters. Cost wise, it is considered less expensive than stone material.

The red cedar is a species of lumber considered the best for fence projects since it doesn’t warp, shrink or split (compared to a pressure treated pine). At best, cedar wood fences can last up to a decade with proper maintenance. Cedar wood fences can be stained but most clients like leaving it as is to achieve a “natural look” to their yard. There are two types of cedar wood fence installations: standard privacy style and shadowbox style. With the standard privacy style, wood slabs are nailed side-by-side with no sightlines in between. The shadowbox style is a semi-private design usually installed when two houses have a yard. It is identical on both sides, with sight-through openings in between boards. It is often regarded as a “good neighbor fence.”

The more exotic the wood material is, the higher the price range will be. Price will vary according to the project specifications as well.

Fence Company Jackson offers comprehensive services that includes, planning, actual installation and even maintenance services for your fence. All the while, keeping its costing reasonable and one of the best priced in the market today. Servicing Jackson, Mississippi and all its surrounding areas, connect with the best of Jackson’s fence experts. Talk to our professional team today and get your free quote! Reach us by dialing 601-476-1207.

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